Table of Contents:
    1) China's Rivers and Yu the Great
    2) Origins of Chinese Gov't
    3) British Museum: Ancient China
    4) Role of Family
    5) Three Philosophies
    6) Annontated Illustration
    7) Qin and Han Dynasties
    8) Dynasty Map
    9) Silk Road: Imports
    10) Mulan Movie Questions

    (Write in your planner): How did Chinese geography influence China's relationship with the rest of the world?
    Geography Assignment:
    Passage- read the passage on Ancient China's Geogrpahy
    a) As you read make a t-chart on the back of your map of the physical features (on the left) and the features' influence on China's people and the rest of the world (on the right).
    a) Label the physical features found in the passage on your map. Make sure you label your map correctly and include a key.

    a) We will use this to ensure you have labeled all of your physical features.
    Yu The Great PP- use this with your fill in notes and most wanted poster assignment
    Yellow River Video Link: see below
     Unit 10 Reading Pages

    Comic Strip Instructions: you are to create a comic strip about Ancient Chinese religion (ancestor worship and tombs) or Ancient Chinese writing by using the information you learned about on your webquest.


    1. Divide the top half of the back of your folder into 4 sections.

    2. You should have information/explanation and 1 illustration in each section.

    3. At least 1 word bubble needs to be included in each section (a person should think or talk).

    Qin and Han Dynasties Readings: (click here)
    EQ: How did the Qin and Han dynasties transform China's government and change its society?
    Directions: Click on the link to pull up the reading. You will read pages 64-66, filling in your notes as you go along. Additionally, when you are done click on the powerpoint to continue filling in your notes. We will use the information from the reading to label our maps (pg. 8) with the current Chinese Dynasties you have just learned about.
    Silk Road Reading and Stops Information:
    Reading- only page 67 (click here)

    Stops: (click here)