School Improvement Plan: 
  • Vision:  Students at North Forsyth will become 21st century leaders with the skills necessary to maintain and be successful in their future careers. 
  • MissionAt North Forsyth our mission is to graduate job-ready 21st century leaders by providing a safe learning environment for all students and by fostering supportive collaboration, creativity and critical thinking skills.
  • Purpose: North Forsyth High School's purpose is to provide our students with the 21st century skills they need to be successful in high school, in future educational opportunities, and in employment.
  • School Improvement Plan: Following is a link to the School Improvement Plan for North Forsyth High School.  You will need Adobe Reader to open this file.  If you do not have the latest Adobe Reader you can download it for free here. 
2016-2018 School Improvement Plan 
(To Be Updated September 2016)