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    Bonjour, mes élèves!
    If you need to submit a powerpoint, or another HOMEWORK by email, go to your class period to send it to me, this way I have them all in one spot!
    I ONLY LOOK AT THESE WHEN I'VE ASSIGNED WORK, so if it is something else that needs my attention right away, don't send it with this address!!!!
    If you need to send me a general question-or announcement, please use my regular email, that I look at everyday. It is:
                  A Day: 
    Per 1= blongp1a@gmail.com
    Per 2= blongp2a@gmail.com
    Per 3= blongp3a@gmail.com
    Per 4= blongp4a@gmail.com
                  B Day:
    Per 1= blongp1b@gmail.com
    Per 2= blongp2b@gmail.com
    Per 3= blongp3b@gmail.com
    Per 4= blongp4b@gmail.com