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    This list is designed to give the "to be" 4th graderlots of good reading for summer. Books with an * represent the enjoyment.



    (FELDMAN) The Gollywhopper Games

    (NEWMAN) Hachicko Waits

    (FINE) The Diary of a Killer Cat

    (NIMO) "Charlie Bones" series

     (GARDINER) Stone Fox

    (O'CONNER) How to Steal a Dog

     (GAUTHIER) A Girl, ABoy, and a Monster Cat

    (O'CONNER) On the Road to Mr. Mineo's

     (GRAFF) The ThingAbout Georgie

    (PALACIO) Wonder

    2014-15 Bluebonnet Book Award Nominees.

    (GREEN) "Zeke Meeks" series

    (PARK) Skinnybones

    Books with a ^ represent the 2014-15 Horned

    (GREEN) Football Genius

    (PAULSEN) Hatchet

    Toad Tales nominees.

    (GREGORY) "Cabin Creek Mysteries" series

    (PENNYPACKER) "Clementine" series

    (GUTMAN) "Genius Files" series

    (Polacco) Bully

    (ANDREWS) The Last of the Really Great Wangdoodles

    (HADDIX) Among the Hidden

    (RAPPAPORT) Helen's Big World: the Life Of Helen Keller

    (APPLEGATE) Home of the Brave

    (HADDIX) "Missing" series

    (RIORDAN) "Percy Jackson" series

    (AVI) Poppy and Ereth

    (HARPER) Just Grace

    (RIORDAN) The Maze of Bones: Book 1

    (APPLEGATE) The One and Only Ivan

    (HICKS) ^The Worm Whisperer

    (ROBINSON) The Best School Year Ever

    (BARROWS) Ivy + Bean" series

    (HOWE) Warriors of the Black Shroud

    (ROCKLIN) The Five Lives of Our Cat Zook

    (BAUER) Close to Famous

    (HURWITZ) Fourth Grade Fuss

    (RYAN) Riding Freedom

    (BEARD) Annie Glover is Not a Tree Lover

    (HYMAN) Bambino and Me

    (SACHAR) Holes

    (BILDNER) The Soccer Fence:A Story of Friendship,

    (JENKINS) Invisible Inkling

    (SACHAR) Sidewys Stories From Wayside School

    Hope, and Apartheid in South America

    (KEHRET) Earthquake Terror

    (SELFORS) ^ The Sasquatch Escape

    (BISHOP) Nic Bishop Snakes

    (KIBUISHI) "The Amulet" series

    (SELZNICK) The Invention of Hugo Cabret:

    (BLACK & DITERLIZZI) "Spiderwick Chronicles"series

    (KIMMEL) Legend of the Ghost Dog

    (SELZNICK) The Houdini Box

    (BLUME) Tales of a 4th Grade Nothing

    (KORMAN) Swindle

    (SHURTLIFF) ^*Rump: The True Story of Rumpelstiltskin

    (BROACH) Masterpiece

    (KROSOCZKA) ^*The Frog Who Croaked

    (SINGER) Strange Place to Call Home: The World's

    (BRUEL) Bad Kitty: School Daze

    (KRULIK) "Katie Kazoo" series

    Most Dangerous Habitats & Animals That Call Them Home

    (CHRISTOPHER, MATT) any of his books

    (KUNS) While You Were Out

    (SMITH) Storm Runners

    (CLEMENTS) No Talking

    (LAFEVERS) Flight of the Phoenix

    (SNICKET)"The Series of Unfortunate Events" series

    (COLLINS) Gregor the Overlander series

    (LEVINE) Ella Enchanted

    (SOBOL) "Encyclopedia Brown" series

    (COLVILLE) Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher

    (LOOK) Alvin Ho: Algergic to Birthday Parties,

    (STERNBERG) ^Like Bug Juice on a Burger

    (COTLER) Cheesie Mack is Not a Genius or Anything

    Science Projects and Other Man-Made Catastrophes

    (TARSHIS) "I Survived" series

    (COX) The Secret Chicken Society

    (LOWRY) Number the Stars

    (VELDE) Three Good Deeds

    (CREECH) Love That Dog

    (LUBAR) Punished

    (WALLACE) Danger on Panther Peak

    (CRONIN) The Trouble With Chickens

    (LUPICA) "Comeback Kid" series

    (WALLACE) Trapped in Death Cave

    (CURTIS) Bud, Not Buddy

    (MACLACHLAN) Sarah, Plain and Tall

    (WATSON) ^Stick Dog

    (DASHNER) A Mutiny in Time

    (MARTIN) " Doll People" Series

    (WILDER) Little House in the Big Woods

    (DAVIES) The Lemonade War

    (MACDONALD) No More Nasty

    (WILES) Each Little Bird That Sings