• Locks and Lockers
    Locks and lockers are available for student rental during the school year.  Locks may be rented from the school.  Should this lock be lost, it must be replaced for a predetermined price.  Students may purchase new locks in the Main Office.  Personal locks are not used at Atkins.  Students are not permitted to share lockers with other students.  Because lockers are the property of the WS/FC School System, they are subject to inspection by authorized school personnel when necessary for the safety and welfare of the student body.  Kicking, hitting, or damaging the lockers could result in disciplinary action.  Atkins cannot be responsible for lost or stolen belongings that are left in lockers.  It is the students responsibility to keep their belongings locked in their assigned locker at all times. Students should not share lock combinations with others.


    Locks will also be issued by the Physical Education department to be used in locker rooms during PE classes.