• Mobile Learning Communities
    (Bring Your Own Device)
     Atkins will participate in WS/FCS Mobile Learning Communities (MLC) beginning in April 2014.  Atkins staff received extensive training in the summer of 2013 in order to be able to participate in this school-wide initiative. Below is information about this initiative:
    What is MLC:   As 21st Century Learners it is vitally important that our teachers and students have access to information beyond the four walls of the classroom.  This access allows for changes in student learning.  It enhances the teacher's delivery of subject matter.  New innovations in learning happen in an MLC to prepare students to innovate real world solutions.
    The community of a classroom drastically changes.  No longer is the learning confined to the classroom but the classroom now is a global community.  MLC classrooms understand this and encourage responsibility which includes online safety, digital etiquette, and proper ethical behavior. 
    Technology devices in the classroom enhance  the ability to create these rich learning communities.  Mobile devices such as tablets, cellphones, and laptops encourage this learning beyond the class period.  In an effort to increase the access to mobile devices, WS/FCS encourages students in MLC classrooms to "Bring Your Own Device" (BYOD). These devices, coupled with school devices, ensure that our students are gaining access needed to be active participants in their learning community, a community of the 21st century that empowers them to innovate real world solutions.
    The goals of Mobile Learning Communities are to:
    1) Enhance student learning by integrating digital resources to create, communicate and collaborate in 21st Century spaces.
    2) Help students achieve media literacy mastery and aid in the development of positive online safety practices and digital footprints.
    3) Leverage the use of all types of digital resources to engage students and extend learning beyond the four walls of the classroom.
    4) Provide a digital-rich learning environment for students.