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    - Atkins Guidelines - 

    General Guidelines for Electronic Devices

    A learning device is defined as any electronic device capable of accessing the Internet.  Students must log into the school district’s wireless network to use a learning device.  This will enable the school system web filters. 

    Students may not, at any time, take photographs or videos or send/receive phone calls with any electronic device unless being directed to do so by a teacher. Even if students are given permission to take photographs or videos, these may not be posted to social media. 

    All rules outlined in the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County School System Student Network/Internet User Agreement and Parent Permission Form also apply.


    It is understood that students may not have learning devices out in classrooms unless teachers give them express permission to do so.  This means that all devices should be put away prior to entering the classroom.  Devices should not be used in the classroom unless the teacher directs students to do so.  After an activity where devices are used, students should immediately put devices away when directed to do so. 

    Phones should be silenced at all times. Students may not have a telephone conversation or send text messages in the classroom without express permission from the teacher. 

    Hallways and Cafeteria

    Students may use devices in hallways before school, during class changes and during lunch.  Headphones, ear buds, or other listening devices may not be used prior to 3:40 p.m. Learning devices may not play audible music or make other sounds.  Phones should be set on vibrate at all times. 

    Special Assemblies in Auditorium, Gymnasium, or Elsewhere

    It is understood that students may not have learning devices out at special events unless teachers give them express permission to do so.  This means that all learning devices should be put away prior to attending these events.  


    If a student violates rules involving the use of learning devices, headphones, or ear buds, a school employee will confiscate these items and turn them in to the office where a parent may retrieve them during regular office hours.  If a student refuses to give the teacher any of these items when requested to do so, the teacher will complete a D1.

    Having a device out during a test or quiz will be considered cheating.  The teacher will submit a D1 for having a device out during the test or quiz without express permission by the teacher.

    Students who use learning devices without logging into the school district’s wireless network will receive a D1. The teacher will confiscate the device.

    Liability for Learning Devices

    Students are urged to keep devices locked in lockers when they are not in use.  Students are urged to put some sort of locator software on devices so that they may be more easily retrieved if stolen.  The school is not responsible for any stolen electronic devices.  Stolen devices should be reported to the school resource officer.

    Atkins High School may need to alter the above rules.  If this happens, students will be notified.  Changes will be published in the student handbook and on the school’s web site.

    Last revised March 14, 2014 @ 5:01 p.m.