• Mobile Learning Community Agreements
    Once Atkins officially begins to participate in Mobile Learning Communities in April of 2014, the agreements below are expected to be followed:
    1) Students using a personally owned device must connect their device to the WS/FCS_Public Wi-Fi network.
    2) Information may not be posted if it violates the privacy of others; jeopardizes the health and safety of students; is obscene or libelous, causes disruption of school activities; plagiarizes the work of others; is a commercial advertisement; or is not approved by the principal, school, or District Office.
    3) Students are not to reveal personal information ( last name, home address, phone number, etc...) in correspondence with unknown parties.
    4) Students are responsible for reporting any inappropriate material they receive.
    5) Students are prohibited from accessing the internet that is inconsistent with the educational mission of WS/FCS.
    6) Students are prohibited from downloading illegal material or inappropriate content as defined by current version of AR 6161.1 on WS/FCS computers or personal devices.
    7) Atkins High School reserves the right to revise these rules as implementation begins.  Changes will be communicated to students through announcements.