• Summer Reading List for the Summer of 2014

    Below you will find the summer reading list. Students are to acquire the novels, read them, and take detailed notes before the first day of the semester in which they are taking English.  The historical document readings can be found online or in The Patriot’s Handbook compiled by Carolyn Kennedy. Students will have homework assigned on readings which can be found in the book or online.  

    Students are to bring the completed assignments on the first day day of the 2014-15 school year even if they have English in the spring! Students who have English in the spring are to turn the assignments in to Mr. March in room 527.


    We hope that you havea great summer and get plenty of rest. 


    The English Department




    Rising Freshmen: 

    Novel – Lord ofthe Flies by William Golding  

    Complete the assignment for the text found here.

    Reading from ThePatriot’s Guide – “If I Had a Country, I Should Be a Patriot” by Frederick Douglass 

    Be prepared to make connections between the two readings. 

    Tone Words to Define and Memorize:  Insolent, Platitude, Pragmatic, Ardent, Malicious


    Rising Sophomores: 

    Novel – Mythology by Edith Hamilton

    Complete the assignment found here.

    Reading from The Patriot’s Guide – “Democracy in America” by Alexis De Tocqueville (P. 79) 

    Tone Words to Define and Memorize: Prosaic, Glib, Convoluted, Blithe, Didactic


    Rising Juniors (except AP English III):

    Novel – The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain

    Complete the assignment found here

    Reading from ThePatriot’s Guide – “As Regards Patriotism” by Mark Twain (P. 94)

    Tone Words to Define and Memorize: Sardonic, Platitude, Ephemeral, Sanguine, Jaded


    Rising Seniors (except AP English IV):

    Novel – The Stranger by Albert Camus

    Complete the assignment found here

    Reading from ThePatriot’s Guide – “Inaugural Address”by John F. Kennedy (P. 61)

    Tone Words to Define and Memorize: Wry, Laudatory, Indignant, Admonition, Antithetical 

    AP Reading List for AP English III and AP English IV:
    For AP reading lists, go here.