• High Frequency Words
    High Frequency Words are very important in learning to read.  These are also called "sight words" because students need to be able to recognize and read these words when they see them. Many Sight words do not follow standard English pronunciation rules and cannot be "sounded out".
    1st Quarter:
    a                 the               and               go               had               he               I               see
    has              we               of                  in                am               you              and  
    2nd Quarter
    at                 to                 as                 have            it                 is                 can
    him             his                on                did               girl              for               up
    3rd Quarter
    all              look              with              her              what            was              were
    said              that              down            they             some            there           boy
    out             do                 little            other            and              so                then
    when            be                   she               not