• Helpful Hints for Summer Learning:                  
    1.     Continue to read on a daily basis.  Find shade or a cool spot during the heat of the day - it is a perfect time for reading! 
    2.  Check books out from the Public Library and look into their summer reading program.  Barnes and Noble has a summer reading incentive program as well.
    3. Utilize the Moby Max website.  
    4.  Write a summary of what you read using a beginning, middle and end.   Write about the problem and solution.  Write about the characters.  
    5.  Practice basic addition and subtraction facts from 0-20.
    6.  Practice math at the IXL website.  (your log in from First grade will work all summer). 
    7.  Write a story about your summer adventures and draw a picture to match your writing.  Make sure your story has a beginning, middle, and end.  Check for capitalization, spelling, and punctuation.
     8.  Do the math problem solving booklet sent home.  Try using all the number combinations given or try working the problem more than 1 way.
    9.  Complete all the booklets sent home! 
    10.  Play games, build with Legos, use your imagination to create new games and stories.  Be creative - make crafts!  
    11.  Have fun and remember to keep your mind, as well as your body, active!