• Preparing for NC Teacher Cadet I
    1. Find a large bin/file box to keep all of your work for the entire year. The final portfolio (final exam) requires you to pull work samples from the course. If you keep everything, you will be in GREAT shape. If you don't you will have to recreate the materials you need. Work smarter...not harder!
    2. Watch for sales! You will need WSFCS Professional Dress for field experience. You don't have to spend a fortune on clothes, however. At minimum, ladies need slack or knee-length skirts and tops with modest necklines. Gentlemen need slacks and at minimum a collared shirt (Polo shirts are fine). Business suits or ties are not required.
    3.Schoology - you will need an account.
    4. Start thinking like a teacher! You will be challenged from the first day to put yourselves in the place of the classroom teacher. Begin thinking about what that means while you enjoy your summer break!
    Preparing for NC Teacher Cadet II 
    1. Check your wardrobe! Keep in mind that TC II includes much longer periods of field experience. Do you have the clothes necessary to be professionally dressed 3 days a week/2 days a week for several weeks in a row?
    2. Make sure you have your Schoology account.
    3. Start thinking about the Final Exam - building your own classroom. You will complete several assignments throughout the year to prepare for this - begin thinking about what supplies you may want to gather.