• There are many ways to prepare for English II Honors:
    1. Reading - The more a student reads, the better reader he/she becomes! Read the newspaper, magazines, short stories, poetry, and/or novels. English II Honors focuses on World Literature - so familiarize yourself with authors who are not American or British. Historical fiction is a great tool for strengthening reading comprehension while becoming accustomed to world literature.
    2. Writing -   As you read, journal your thoughts and questions. Re-write the endings. The more you write, the stronger your skills and the more developed your writer's voice will become.
    3. Review -  Review the literary terms you learned in English I. Identify the plot elements, irony, characterization methods, conflicts, et cetera of the selections you read. Read with an analytical mind to seek out symbolism and deeper meanings.
    4. Vocabulary - Work to learn at least one new word a day. Reading longer texts will introduce you to many new words. Look the words up and memorize the meanings. Adding to your vocabulary will make you a better writer.
    Take a book or two along to the beach and/or on other trips. Split your television/video game time with reading. Choose a book with a friend and both of you read and discuss the material.