1. RESPECT: Show respect for teachers and other students and his/her property. Golden Rule!

    2.MATERIALS: Be prepared! Always come to class with all supplies and assignments/homework. 

    3. COMMUNICATION/MOVEMENT: Stay in your seat refrain from talking without teacher permission. Use classroom signals!

    4. FOCUS: Follow all teacher instructions and ignore inappropriate behavior.

    5. STAY in the ZONE: Keep all hands, negative comments, and objects to yourself. Thumper Rule!


    1. WARNING

    2. SILENT LUNCH (1 day)

    3. SILENT LUNCH (3 days) & conference with student

    4. PARENT CONTACT (if not done before this point) - I am not afraid to communicate with parents on a daily basis.

    5. Cyclones "In-teaming"

    6. Office referral (D-1)~student will be sent to the office

    ****for major infractions such as fighting, cursing, blatant disrespect, bullying, etc. the teacher will automatically go to step 6****