• Year II Language A:  COURSE OVERVIEW



    The aims and objectives of Language Arts (Language A) address all aspects of learning including:

     ·    Knowledge: Students are asked to recall information in Language Arts class as a means of showing understanding. This recall may come in the form of a tests, quizzes, or teacher observation.

    ·    Understanding: Students are expected to show understanding of the Language Arts curriculum by answering daily content questions and applying strategies taught in class.  

    ·    Skills: Students use new information and understanding gained from class mini-lessons as they continue to grow as readers, thinkers and writers.

    ·    Attitudes: Students are the center of the learning process and are required to reflect on their accomplishments. This allows them to see their strengths and weaknesses as readers, thinkers and writers. Students take pride in their learning because they have ownership in the direction it takes.



    In Language Arts (Language A), students experience and explore the five areas of interaction:

    Approaches to Learning

    Student share ownership in their learning and explore how they best acquire new information. Students work in collaborative pairs which address the social part of the learning process. Students will create and use graphic organizers for new vocabulary and to better comprehend material that is read. The teacher will use rubrics to evaluate student writing.

    Community and Service

    Peer editing and conferencing help students understand the immediate school community and the world around. Students see the importance of doing for the creations a selfless manner. Students are exposed to reading and writing genres that encourage social responsibility.

    Human Ingenuity

    Students celebrate the creations of man as they grow as readers, writers, and thinkers. They write to become better writers and read to become better readers.


    Language arts classes stress the interdependence between the learner and his surroundings. Students have an opportunity to research and write essays pertaining to the environment. Published works in the classroom allow students to showcase their work as well as help students take pride in the school learning environment. Students explore other cultures through their readings and by participating in integrated unit activities,literature circles, and assignments.

    Health and Social Awareness

    Students become aware of social issues and explore cultural differences during Black History studies, grade level integrated units, and independent reading and research.