• School Fees



    Policy 3250.2

    June 2014

    I.          REQUIRED:

    A.    Physical Education: Middle & High Schools that require students to wear P.E. uniforms


    B.   Locks


                Lost Lock


    C.   In-State Tuition for students domiciled outside Forsyth County


                      Out-of-State Tuition for students domiciled outside Forsyth County


    D.   Lost and damaged books, materials, supplies and equipment. Fee is based on extent damage in accordance with state guidelines


    E.   Field Trip FeeFees in excess of the amounts listed must be approved by the appropriate assistant superintendent.

    $40.00 per student

    F.    AP Exam Fee

            $89.00 (per exam)

    G.  IB Exam Fee

          $110.00 (per exam)

    H.  IB Registration Fee


    II.        BAND UNIFORMS:

    A.  Cleaning of Band Uniform   


    B.  Lost or Damaged Band Uniform (to be depreciated over 10 years)


    1.   Coat


    2.   Trousers


    3.   Shoulder Cord


    4.   Shako (Hat)


    5.   Plume


    6.   Sash


    7.   Cummerbund


    8.   Shako Box


    III.       OPTIONAL:

    A.   Student Accident Insurance:




                      School-Time without Extended Dental

                      School-Time with Extended Dental







                      24-hour without Extended Dental

                      24-hour with Extended Dental







                      Varsity Football without Extended Dental

                         Varsity Football with Extended Dental







    B.   Yearbook Publication Fee

    Elementary Max:  $20.00

    Middle Max:       $40.00

    High:      $50.00[1]

    C.   Automobile Registration Fee


                      Career Center Registration Fee


                      Motor Vehicle Parking Fee


    D.    Magnet Express Supervision Fee (until 6:00 p.m.)


    E.   Fall School Pictures - K‑12


    F.    High School Athletics Admission Fees[4]

            Football, Junior Varsity and Varsity


            Soccer and Basketball, Junior Varsity and Varsity


            Swimming, Tennis & Track

    No charge[5]

            All other Varsity and Junior Varsity sports


     G.   Middle School Athletics Admission Fees


     H.  Cap and Gown

    1.    Rental


    2.    Purchase


     I.   High School Transcript

    1.    Current Student Request (two free copies, each additional copy)


    2.    Request of Person Not Currently Enrolled in the WS/FCS


    3.    Employer Verification of Graduation


    J.    Replacement Diploma and Diploma Cover


    K.   Driver License Eligibility Certificate (one free, each additional certificate)


    L.   General Copying of Records

    $0.25 per page

    M.  Late pick up fee for K-8 car riders who are not picked up from school within 1 hour of dismissal.  See Policy 3541 for enforcement of parent responsibilities regarding school bus riders.

    $10.00 per day

    N.    Instrument Usage Fee (non-refundable)

    Up to $60.00 per year

    O.   K-6 Summer Enrichment Program Fee


                   $450.00 (full day)

    $325.00 (half day)

    P.     K-6 Summer Enrichment Morning/Afternoon Childcare

    $115 (a.m. care)

    $145 (p.m. care)

    Q.   Theatre Summer Enrichment Program Fee:        Grades 4-12

                                                                            Grades K-3



    R.   Summer Dance Intensive (High School Only)


    S.    STEPS AG Summer Acceleration Camp Tuition


    T.    STEPS AG Summer Acceleration Camp Registration Fee


    U.    STEPS AG Summer Acceleration Camp Before Care Fee


    V.    STEPS AG Summer Acceleration Camp After Care Fee


    W.    STEPS AG Summer Acceleration Camp Before and After Care Fee (Discount)


    X.   High School Summer School Program Fee

               $50.00 (per .5 credit)

                  Y.    PSAT Fee (All students)


                  Z.    Driver’s Education


    AA.  School Fund Raising Projects. Each school may have one school-wide fund raising project per year where items          are sold for a fee to students, families and others. See Policy & Regulation 1324.1

    IV.       CAREER CENTER STUDENT EXPENSES (Items become student's personal property):

    A.    AP Art (Drawing 2-D and 3-D) Supplies


    B.   AP Calculus, Statistics, Chemistry or Physics - Graphing Calculator


    C.   AP Music Theory - Student Workbook


    D.   AP Music Theory - Ear training software


                  E.    Nursing Fundamentals – Uniforms, Screenings and Immunizations (required                              drug/seasonal flu and H1N1 flu vaccinations)

          CPR Fee

          Nurse Aid Certification Fee (optional)




    F.   Auto Collision Repair I  – Overalls, Dust Masks, Ear Plugs, Safety Glasses


    G.   Auto Collision Repair II - Charcoal respirator


    H.   Auto Collision Repair, Auto Technology, Aviation and Carpentry Uniform T-              Shirts


    I.    Cosmetology I - Uniform and Kit


    J.    Cosmetology II - Nail Kits


    K.   Culinary Arts I – Uniforms and Study Guides


    L.   Culinary Arts II – Study Guides


                 M. Early Childhood I & II Uniform attire for internships


    N.   Electronic Music Digital Equipment


                 O. Exploration of Alternative Energies - Consumables


                  P.    Photography - Consumables

                                   Digital SLR Camera


    Prices Vary

    [1] This is pre-order price.After pre-order price is a maximum of $65.00 per annual. The fees donot include sales tax.

    [2] The maximum amount students are required to pay for registration fees& parking fees is $115.00. Students shall pay the registration fees attheir home school, Career Center and/or Forsyth Tech. The amount remainingshall be remitted to WS/FCS Finance Department as the parking fee.

    [3] The Parking fee iswaived for students of WS/FCS employees and students who are certified andactive members of an EMS Rescue Squad or a volunteer fire department.

    [4] Fees are as listedunless otherwise determined by the school’s athletic conference or the NCHSAA.

    [5] The WS/FCS reserves theright to charge a $5.00 entry fee for City-County Tournaments.