• School Day

    The students are allowed in the classroom at 7:40 am. If students arrive before 7:40 am, they will need to go the cafeteria for breakfast or to the auditorium. School starts promptly at 7:55 am. Students arriving after this time will be counted tardy. Dismissal time is 2:20 pm.

     Dismissal Procedures

    A note must be sent to school if your child's dismissal procedure is different than usual. If I do not receive a note, I will send your child home by the usual method of transportation.   It is school policy that you must write a note if making changes to your child's after school transportation.

     Parent/Teacher Communication

    I will be emailing a newsletter home every Friday. The newsletter will include classroom information, important dates, and descriptions of what we're learning in each subject.   Parent-teacher conferences are scheduled for the fall.  If other conferences are needed the parents or teacher may request one.  I can be contacted by email or phone. Email is the best way of getting a hold of me. I check my email multiple times throughout the day. My email is jsmatthews@wsfcs.k12.nc.us or you can call the school at 336-703-4224.


    Throughout the year, please check with your child to see if he/she needs more supplies (especially pencils, erasers, and glue sticks.) Do not allow your child to bring toys to school.

     Book Orders

    About once a month, I will send home book orders. Book orders offer age appropriate reading material at reduced prices. If you would like to order from them, please send cash or make the check out to the book club. You will also be able to order online.

    Birthday Treats

    If your child would like to bring in something for his/her birthday, the treats need to be store bought.  The treats will be taken to lunch and passed out there.  Please check with me before sending in treats to check for allergies in the classroom.

    Lunch Money

    Lunch money needs to be in an envelope with the following information: Child's Name, Mrs. Matthews, 1st Grade.  Please do not send money in without it being in a labeled envelope.  This way I will know what the money is for (in case we are collecting for something else too).

     Field Trips

    Information will come home about our scheduled trips. 


    All medication (even cough drops) must be administered by the office. Please send it in with a note.