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     For the 2016-2017 school year, there will be no North Carolina Final Exam for Math 3. Students will still be given a cumulative final exam by teachers, but the format of that exam and the status of exam exemtpions for students has not been finalized.  MATH III FINAL EXAM
     New this year, a 10-point grading scale as been adopted. Individual assignments are assigned letter grades based on the percentage of points earned for that assignment:
    A = 90% - 100%
    B = 80 - 89%
    C = 70% - 79%
    D = 60% - 69%
    F = Below 60%
    Students should remember most assignments aren't graded out of 100 points and they will need to calculate their actual percentage of points to find their letter grade. 
    Quarter Grade Distribution 
    QUIZZES = 25%
     The better a student does in each category increases the overall chance of getting a stronger quarter grade. 
    Final Grade Distribution
    Fall Semester = 40%
    Spring Semester = 40%
    Final Exam = 20%