• DIBELS: Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills 


    The teachers and administrators at Easton Elementary are committed to helping your child become a successful reader. As part of our commitment, K-5 teachers use an assessment called DIBELS to help us examine how your child is doing in learning important reading skills. DIBELS stands for Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills. DIBELS tests five skills that are necessary for learning to read. DIBELS is used to identify children who may need extra help to become good readers and check up on those children while they receive the extra help to make sure they are making progress.  Children who learn these skills become good readers. The skills are:

    ·         Phonemic Awareness: Hearing and sounds in spoken words

    ·         Alphabetic Principle: Knowing the sounds of the letters and sounding out written words

    ·         Accurate and Fluent Reading: Reading stories and other materials easily and quickly with few mistakes

    ·         Vocabulary: Understanding and using a variety of words

    ·         Comprehension: Understanding what is spoken or read

    Your child's teacher will use the information to better help your child.  For example, the DIBELS assessment may tell us that we need to spend more time teaching your child how to sound out unknown words.  

    We are working hard at school to make sure that every child is on target for success, and we thank you for your efforts at home.

    For more information on DIBELS and how you can help your child at home, please visit: http://www.fcrr.org, or, http://www.auburnpublicschools.org/pages/uploaded_files/DIBELS%20Parent%20ISF,%20NWF,%20PSF,%20ORF.pdf.
Last Modified on July 31, 2014