Huskies Science Safety Contract


    “Science Safety is Essential”


    This safety contract, when signed, indicates the Student’s full understanding and agreement with the safety procedures outlined below for Mrs. LeMay’s classroom.


    ___________________ (Student Name)

     hereafter referred to as “Student,” agrees to abide by the following rules and restrictions:


    • Student will not run, wrestle, or engage in horseplay in the classroom. Walking and keeping an eye out for others is expected at all times.

    • Student will handle all equipment, utensils, show-and-tell objects, and other student/teacher’s belongings with care.

    • Student will not throw any objects within the classroom.

    • Food and drinks will only be allowed when approved by the Teacher, in designated areas. Gum/candy is not allowed in the science classroom.

    • Student will learn the emergency exits from the building, as well as the emergency protocol for fires, earthquakes, floods and outside attacks.

    • Student will open animal cages only with express permission from the Teacher.

    • Student will handle classroom pets only with the express permission from the Teacher.

    • Student will not open the prep room closet or cabinets without express permission from the Teacher.

    • During science lessons, Student will follow all safety requirements involving lab equipment, goggles and gloves.


      ______________________ (Parent/Guardian)

       hereafter referred to as “Guardian,” acknowledges the following:

    • Guardian has read the above safety rules and affirms that the Student has read it as well
    • Guardian understands that if Student violates the above rules, he or she will be subjected to an office referral or detention at the discretion of the school.
    • Guardian agrees to encourage Student to abide by the above rules and to behave in a safe and respectful manner at all times in the classroom.





    (Student’s Signature)


    (Parent’s Signature)