• The Downtown School AAA Guidelines

    To encourage students at DTS, the middle school has implemented the AAA Club. Students are recognized for achievements in the following areas:




    Students who qualify for one A will be recognized on the digital display board in the lobby.

    Students who qualify for two A’s will be allowed to have lunch in the picnic area on the roof of Building Three, on the patio.

    Students who qualify in all three A categories will have a social which will be catered by teachers and staff.

    Each quarter is reset. If you don’t make it one quarter, you can still make it the next!


    The first A is for Academics. We want students to excel in the classroom at DTS. Students will qualify for the academic A if they achieve 4 or more A's and the rest B's. The A's can be in any class including electives.


    When students maintain a good attitude, it can be contagious. We want a good strong attitude to prevail at DTS. It should start with the middle school students setting a good example. Below is a list of no-no’s that would cause someone to miss out on getting an Attitude A (not that this would be a problem with our students!).

    Disqualifications for “Attitude” in the Triple-A Club: (per quarter)

    1. If a student has one office referral, he/she is disqualified.

    —This would include being sent to Mr. Tribby's  for three times or more in ZAP Zone.

    —This includes office referrals for behavior of any sort.

    1. Students are disqualified on YMCA days if...

    —a student does not come to school dressed properly for PE on PE days

    —a student does not participate and/or try

    —a student shows disrespect to the instructor at the YMCA

    Students may have only one verbal warning per Y day for any or all of the above.

    Proper dress includes athletic shoes and attire. School dress codes remain in effect in regards to tank tops and length of shorts.

    8th graders are expected to change into suitable school attire after returning from PE.

    Students are allowed one “oops” in forgetting to change for PE. Student will lose his/her Attitude A on the second PE attire infraction.

    Each class will maintain an Attitude Log. If a student, according to the discretion of the teacher, is being disrespectful or exhibiting other behavior issues, the student will sign his/her name in the log AND write the specific behavior problem with the date in the log as well. Students will be allowed three entries. The fourth entry will be a disqualifier.


    For a student to reach their full potential, it is important for them to be present and on time. It also helps establish values and life skills. Students are allowed one Unexcused tardy and one Unexcused absence. They lose their Attendance A on the second Unexcused absence and Unexcused tardy. Excused absences and/or tardies will not count against the student in the AAA Club.

    The AAA Club is incentive based, created to praise those who do exceptionally well, not to punish those who do not meet these high standards.

    The club and its goals were created by a committee of DTS middle school teachers and administration.