• Volunteering

    Parents and guardians are invited to volunteer in the Media Center. 

    You must have completed the Level I volunteer form and been approved as a volunteer. Please visit the Parents/Community tab on the District Home page, scroll to Volunteering in WS/FCS. Click here for a direct link to the Volunteer page.

    Types of volunteer jobs:

    • Shelving Books – Placing returned books on the book shelves in the proper order
    • Covering Books – Adding clear contact paper or vinyl film to books to extend the life of the book
    • ‘Reading’ Shelves – Volunteers are needed to look at the shelves and make sure that all books are in order.
    • Providing Snacks for Media Center sponsored activities/clubs

    If interested, please fill out Volunteer Form.

    Book Donations

    WSPA Media Center welcomes book donations.  Please follow the guidelines below:

    • Please donate books that are age-appropriate. We have middle and high school (young adult) students at Prep as well as students in our English as a Second Language (ESL) Academy.
    • Please donate books that are only ‘slightly used’. If books have been stored and have dust or mold, we can’t accept them. If the book is in such bad shape that you wouldn’t keep it in your personal library, please just throw it away.
    • We do NOT give receipts for income tax purposes. Regrettably, we are not equipped to do this.
    • We reserve the right to use the books in the way that is best for our school. This means that your donation may be placed in our collection, or may be used as an incentive/prize for students, or may be passed along to another school or organization. 
    • We do accept monetary donations which we will use to purchase needed books for our collection. In case of a monetary donation, gift plates will be place in the front cover of the book(s) with the donor’s name and school year on it.
    • If you are interested in purchasing new books for our collection, please check with Mrs. Joyce at csjoyce@wsfcs.k12.nc.us or (336)703-6732 for suggestions before making a purchase.

    Thank You!

Last Modified on August 17, 2020