•  7th grade Policies and Procedures     

    Schedule –

    •         Students can come into the building at 8:00.  They must be in seats and unpacked by 8:15 in order to be marked on time. 
    •         Homeroom students must sign into spiral notebook each morning on their way in. Homeroom is only 5 MINUTES in length, so students need to be responsible for signing in, turning in notes, returning forms, etc. during this time.
    •         The school day is from 8:15 – 2:45
    •         Students are dismissed –

    o       If they have no siblings, they are dismissed between 2:45 – 3:00 outside the annex (building 2)

    o       If they have Annex siblings they can dismiss from there @ 2:45.

    o       If they have main building siblings they are dismissed from the walkway between 3:05 and 3:30

    o       If they stay for the YMCA program, they will dismiss with the 3:05 group and a YMCA employee will pick them up from our MS pick-up area

    Lunch- is at 10:30 for all 6th and 7th grade students.  Students will eat in the main bldg. cafeteria. Any food to be microwaved must require two minutes or less.  We will go to play park or inside recess after lunch.

    Snack is during 5th period.  They may bring 1 snack to eat during this time, (finger foods only – spoons get messy) and they may have a bottle of water.  No juice, tea, Kool-Aid, crystal lite, Gatorade, etc. 

    All classes are 50 minutes long. There will be a 3 minute transition between periods that students may use to get from one room to another. 

    Planners – All students will be given a planner.  This is to be used to record all assignments and upcoming events.  

    Lockers –

    •         Students will need to supply a lock and I encourage them to practice opening it before the first day.
    •         All of their belongings which they bring to school must fit in the locker.  
    •         No rolling book bags
    •         Students may use magnets in the locker, but may not put stickers on the outside or inside of lockers.
    •         Students will be assigned a locker, and they are to visit it in the morning, at lunch / after lunch, and at the end of the day. 

    P.E. Extensions –

    •         We will be going to the William G. White YMCA on _______________________.
    •         On PE days they need to wear appropriate clothing for activities

    o       Sneakers

    o       Shorts (fingertip length unless leggings are worn) / athletic pants

    o       We don’t change at school for P.E.

    Library –  The Central Library will  be under renovation this year.  At this time the procedure that we will use to access materials is also under construction.

    •         All students are expected to have a library card before our first visit.  It is necessary for each student to have a card so that they can check out books. 

    Discovery – Discovery will be during 6th period two -three days per week.

    •         7th grade will start the year with a unit on study skills.
    •         We are always looking for volunteers to share talents and volunteer during this time

    Dress code – Parents can refer to the handbook online for clarification

    •         All tank tops and dresses must have 3 finger width shoulder straps.
    •         Shorts and skirts must be fingertip length (exception is if there are leggings underneath)
    •         Hats, caps, bandanas or hoods cannot be worn in the building
    •         Underpants or bras cannot show
    •         Provocative or revealing attire that exposes cleavage is not permitted
    •         Violent or gang related symbols are not permitted
    •         Clothing with tobacco, drug, alcohol or drug advertisements are also not permitted
    •         If students are in violation of the dress code, the student will not call a parent. They will be given appropriate clothing from the community closet (clean and in good repair) to wear until the end of the school day. Multiple infractions will be treated as a discipline issue. 

    Parent volunteers –

    •         Parents are required to complete 1 hour of volunteer time per week, per child enrolled. 
    •         We are in need of parent volunteers to act as a classroom parent who will coordinate the 2 socials (winter and end of year) per year and the volunteers to cover teachers’ lunch out (2 times/year).
    •         New parents who will be volunteering must fill out a volunteer form online.  It is available on the district website.


    PTA –

    Please be sure to check the PTA site at the beginning of the year so that you may be informed and involved.

    Grading –

    •         For core academic classes, Spanish and CTE courses, students will be given a letter grade.  The letter grade percentage equivalents are based on a 7 point scale. (as per district policy)
    •           Students will be expected to record homework in their agenda (planner), complete assignments on time and turn in all work.  Late work will have point deductions.  After 2 days, it is a possibility that assignments may recieve no credit.

    Preparedness and Participation

    •         Students are expected to come to class prepared, with all materials and assignments.  After the first two weeks of school, students will not be permitted to leave class to retrieve forgotten items.  Students should always have pencils, erasers, textbooks, notebooks and their planner. 
    •         All students are expected to follow directions, to act in a respectful manner, to contribute to classroom discussions and work cooperatively with partners.
    •         Students should also work hard to stay focused and come to the classroom with a positive attitude.

    Cell Phones – Must be off and in the student’s locker. If a teacher sees the phone it will be confiscated.  Parents will need to come to school to pick it up.  This is also the policy while waiting to be dismissed and waiting for the YMCA staff to pick them up.


    ZAP (Zeros Aren't Possible) Zone – Is a discovery choice made FOR the student when they fail to turn in completed homework.  They will be assigned to ZAP Zone on the day they have missed an assignment.  They will receive credit for the assignment according to teacher policy.   If there is no ZAP zone that day, they can complete the assignment that night for partial credit, or go to ZAP zone on the next day.   After 3 zap zone visits (per quarter) parents will be notified and the student will have a conversation with Mr. Tribby.