Pre Kindergarten

    Ms. Shanda Morrison and Ms. Antoinette Scott


    Mrs. Nelly Blanco, Ms. Katrina Campbell, Ms. Kathryn Lawrence, Ms. Nora Pauley, Mrs. Gabriela Sheran, Ms. Harley Blanchard
  • What will I need?

    -Pre-K Supply List
    -Kindergarten Supply List  

    Skills to Practice:

    -Practice self-help skills, including bathroom independence, opening lunch items, expressing needs, and tying shoes
    -Read a book together each day, showing your child how to turn the page and track words on the page from left to right while points with your finger
    -Cut straight and diagonal lines with scissors
    -Draw pictures and write your child's name at the top



    What will I learn in Pre-K?

    Reading & Language Arts

    Rhyming words and poetry, Letter identification and sounds, Beginning/Middle/End, Story Elements, Name Writing


    Counting to 20 by ones, composing/decomposing numbers, identify 2D shapes, identify colors, identify numbers

    Science/Social Studies

    Weather and seasons, plants, wants and needs, citizenship


  • What will I learn in Kindergarten?

    Reading & Language Arts

    Rhyming words, poetry, syllables; letter identification and sounds; beginning/middle/end; story elements; main idea and details; fiction and nonfiction; write two sentences to go with a picture


    Counting to 100 by ones and tens; composing/decomposing numbers; adding/subtracting numbers to 10; identify and describe 2D and 3D shapes, comparing measureable attributes, comparing numbers

    Science/Social Studies

    Weather and seasons; physical properties; living/nonliving; wants and needs; citizenship; change over time


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