First Grade TeachersMCL: Ms. Nicole Clemente 
    Mrs. Kayla Dowell, Mrs. Marisa Gearhart, Ms. Natasha Hagan, Mrs. Jennifer Ortiz, Ms. Bryana Jeffords 
    First Grade Teacher's Assistants
    Ms. Hannah Jones, Ms. Nydia Nunez, Mr. Jerayenard Bethea
  • First Grade School Supply List

    What to Practice:
    -Practice counting objects accurately & recognizing and writing numbers 1-30.
    -Work on addition/subtraction (1-10).
    -Model addition & subtractions with objects and/or pictures.
    -Provide hands-on experiences with money
    -Practice reading High-Frequency Words

    -Looking for something new to read? Try authors Eric Carle, Mo Willems or Kevin Henkes
    Ask Questions:
    - Who are the main characters?
    -What are the key events in the story?
    -Where did the story take place?
    -How does the character feel when _________?
    -Why does the character do_________?

  •                                                 What will I learn in First Grade?

    Reading & Language Arts                                                               Mathematics
    We will work on recognizing our 125 high                                 We will strengthen number sense 1-120,
    frequency words, long vowels, and vowel                                 and we will add & subtract fluently within 10.
    teams, as well as digraphs and blends.                                      We will identify basic geometry shapes and 
    We will apply our knowledge of these                                        practice partioning. We will learn how to tell
    sounds and spelling patterns to grow six                                   time.
    levels in reading and to write five complete
    sentences on a given topic. We will retell
    and sequence what we read and exhibit
    reading comprehension both orally and in

    Science/Social Studies:
    We will explore force and motion, investigate soil and rocks and distinguish between living and nonliving things. We will learn about communities including cultures and traditions and what it means to be a good citizen. We will also study geography including maps/globes.


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