Fourth GradeMs. Alexis Mancini, Mr. Eduardo Real-Rodriguez, Mrs. Marje Pangan Sison
  • Fourth Grade Supply List

    Here are some other things you can encourage them to do:
    -Fluently add, subtract, and multiply
    -Practice solving multi-step word problems
    -Read both fiction and non-fiction stories
    -Ask questions:
             -What's the main idea?
             -How does the character change throughout the story?
             -What lesson (theme) does the character learn?


  • What will I learn?

    Reading & Language Arts
    - We will make inferences and determine themes in fiction.
    - We will determine point-of-view and find evidence for character traits.
    - We will use context clues to find the meaning of unknown words and classify texts by their structure.
    - We will write narrative, opinion, and expository pieces.

    - We will work with place valueup to 100,000.
    - We will multiply two 2 digit numbers and divide them with 1 digit divisors and multi-digit dividends using partial products.
    - We will do extensive work with fractions and decimals- as well as area and perimeter and geometry.

    Science/Social Studies
    - We'll explore the relationship between Earth and moon, rocks and minerals, and animal adaptions as well as force and motion including magnetism and electricity.
    -For social studies, we'll focus on North Carolina geography, history, and state symbols as well as state government.



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