Fifth Grade
       Ms. Mya Jumper, Mr. Duen Lindsay, Ms. Sabrina Secrest, Ms. Allison Sigmon
  • Here are some things you can encourage your child to do:

    - Fluently add, subtract, multiply, and divide
    - Practice solving multi-step word problems
    - Add and subtract fractions
    - READ READ READ both fiction and non-fiction stories
    - Ask questions:
                    - What's the main idea?
                                - Name 3 details to support the main idea
                    - How does the character change throughout the story?
                    - What lesson (theme) does the character learn?


  • Below is an overview of what your child can expect to learn in 5th Grade:
    Science:                                                                Math
    - Heredity & Genetics                     - Place Value through the thousandths decimal place
    - Ecosystems                                  - Multiplication by up to two-digit numbers
    - Weather                                        - Division by up to 2 digit divisors
    - Heat Transfer                                - Adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing mixed numbers &fractions
    - Matter                                            - Geometry
    - Force and Motion                          -Measurement
    -Human Anatomy                            - Algebra
                                                            - Problem Solving
    We will continue to build on literary skills by reading more challenging texts with stronger vocabulary. Students will be asked more rigorous questions that will require them to refer to the text, provide explicit facts and summarize.

    Language Arts:
    - Build vocabulary
    - Word structure


Last Modified on August 16, 2023