• Counting Numbers 0-10
    •  Compare Numbers 0-10
    • Identify 2-D/3-D Shapes (sphere,   square, etc)
    • Describe Relative Positions of Shapes (above, beside, etc) 
    •  Describe Measurable Attributes of Objects (length, weight, etc)
    • Compare Measurable Attributes (more of, less of)
    •  Sorts Objects 


    Social Studies

    • Roles of a Citizen (rules, positive relationships, fair play)
    • Changes over time (seasons, past, present, life events: crawling/walking/loss of first tooth)



    •   Discuss Characters, Setting & Major Events
    • Retell Stories
    •   Vocabulary Development
    •   Author and Illustrator
    • Make Real-Life Connections


    • Compare Animals (different type of same animal)
    • Compare Living and Nonliving things


    Language Arts (includes Composition)

    • Draw, Dictate and Write Stories
    • Print Upper and Lowercase Letters (ball and stick format)
    • Sort Objects
    • Make and Expand Sentences
    • Use Nouns and Verbs
    • Ask/Answer Questions (5W’s)