• Homework -                                      Child completing homework!

    Homework expectations for the full week will be given on Mondays. Your child will have reading, spelling, writing, and math homework. Writing homework will be given periodically and will replace reading and spelling homework for that week.  Your child should spend no more than 30 minutes each evening on their homework, and we recommend that 10 minutes of that time be spent reading! Completed homework and take home readers should be returned on Fridays.  Please remember that establishing good homework routines now will benefit your student for many years to come!

    Birthdays                                     Birthday balloons 


    Birthdays are special occasions. Your child's birthday will be celebrated in a simple but appealing way in the classroom. If you would like to send treats for the class, they will be enjoyed in the cafeteria at the end of our lunch period. Please remember that students are not allowed to hand out birthday party invitations in the classroom. Thank you.

    reading with your child

    Reading at Home:                     

    In first grade much of our time is focused on reading skills. To enhance your child's reading at home, here are some things you can do and questions you can talk about when reading with your child.

    Before You Read:
    Browse the book before reading the story;  look at the cover and title, what is the genre, look at the pictures, look at the location of the words, the type of print, and the book components called text features (table of contents, index, maps, charts, headings, speech bubbles, picture captions, glossary, etc).  

    Make predictions about what your child thinks the story may be about and why he/she thinks this way. Be sure to let your child have the opportunity to change his/her prediction as you read together.

    While You Read:
    When your child comes to a word he/she does not know, use the "secret weapons":
    • look at the picture and at the beginning and ending letters of the word
    • look for familiar word chunks
    • go back and reread getting your mouth ready to read the beginning sounds of the word              
    • read blank read
    • think about what makes sense in the story
    Continue to make predictions throughout the story.  Visualize the words as you read.
    As you read, ask questions like who, what, where, when, and why.

    After You Read:
    Talk about the following: 
    • the setting; think about where and when - how do you know, give details the author uses to create the setting 
    • the characters
    • Give details from the story, the order in which they happened , and why they were in that order.
    • Are there things in the fiction story that could happen in real life - use part of the story in your answer.
    • Was there a problem in the story?  If so, how was it solved?  Did solving this problem cause another problem - if so, how did it cause a new problem and how was the second problem fixed.  Use part of the story to help you explain your answers.
    • Pick a character, what can you learn from this character?  What kind of feelings did the character experience and what word did the author use to show the emotions?  Use events from the story to help you answer.     
    • Why did the author write the story?  Was it to teach us something, to entertain us, to convince of something, or was there more than one reason?
    • What connection did you make to the story, text to self , text to text, or text to real world? 
    • What was the story all about - summarize and give the key idea (main idea) and key points or details that support the key idea.
    • What was your favorite part of the story - why, use events from the story in your answer.  
    • Did the story end like you thought it would - why or why not?  Can you think of another way to end the story?
    Classroom Responsibilities:

    We will have a "Star Student" each day.  This student is picked randomly each day and once all the class has had a turn, we start over.  The afternoon your child's name is drawn, he/she will take our class mascot and its journal home.  Your child should record his/her adventures with our mascot in the journal provided and return them the next school day. When he/she comes to school, he/she is "Star Student" for that day.  This means he/she will be the class helper and line leader for the day and it will be his/her chance for show and tell while sharing their journal entry.

    Beginning in September, we will also have a "Student of the Week".  The students are chosen by alphabetical order and we will only utilize full weeks of school.  When your child is "Student of the Week", he/she gets to be in the spotlight!  The week's special activities include:  bringing a poster about themselves on Monday (poster board can be provided if needed), bringing a share each day of their week, being a classroom helper all week, having family visitors to the classroom and lunch, and getting to take our class mascot home for the week-end!  When your child is Student of the Week, he/she should bring a poster that tells about themselves on Monday to share with the class.  There is no set format - it should reflect your child's personality!  The poster can include pictures of family and/or friends, places they've been, things they like to do, what their favorite foods are, favorite color, books they like, movies or TV shows they like, family traditions, etc.  They can also bring a share each day of that week.  This is the week that we like to invite parents (or grandparents or both) to come to our class to share about their student.  You may choose what you would like to do, but here are some suggestions:  read a book or two that you and your child pick out, tell a fun story about your child, share some photos, bring the child's favorite treat, share about his/her culture, share music, do a simple craft, etc.!  You may come to the classroom before lunch and then stay to eat with you child or stay after lunch to share in the classroom.  Please just let us know your plans in advance!  Student of the Week also takes our class mascot home on the Friday of their week for the week-end.  This ensures that each student in the class has the opportunity to have the class mascot over a week-end and adds another bonus to being Student of the Week!  If you have any questions, just let us know.