• No nuts, please!  
    Students are expected to bring their own snacks each day.  Students will eat lunch, but they will have an opportunity to eat a light, healthy snack during a set time each day.  Due to peanut allergies in my classroom this year, please read the following:
    * Do not bring peanuts, peanut butter crackers, or peanut butter sandwiches for snack.  If a student brings a snack that contains peanuts, they will not be permitted to eat his/her snack in class.
    * Do not share any food items.  I will discuss this in the classroom, but please reinforce at home that students may not share or trade food.
    * On Treat Dates throughout the year, please be mindful of the food items that come into the classroom.  We also have a Type 1 Diabetic in the classroom, so anytime you can bring sugar-free foods, that would be great!  However, please don't feel obligated.
    Thank you all for being considerate of those with peanut allergies and other health concerns!  
    Although I'm here to teach, safety for all students is my number one priority.