• Reading aloud and silently. Coloured Positron Emission...
    Activity in the brain, reading aloud vs. reading silently
    Colour PET brain scan when reading aloud/silently. Photography. Encyclopædia Britannica ImageQuest. Web. 22 Oct 2014.

    Welcome to High School English IThis course prepares students with fundamental literacy skills necessary to prepare for English I.  We read texts from several different genres, including short stories, narrative essays, poetry, and novels.  Students will improve their individual reading level, increase their motivation and desire to read, recognize basic parts of speech, and construct effective paragrpahs.  We will have daily opportunities for independent reading, and will learn some of the mechanics and skills for composing on a computer.  We will also stay informed about current events as we read articles on www.newsela.com.
    I am available for extra help almost every day after school except Mondays, as well as during my planning period (3rd block).  Please check with me to schedule a time.
    Students:  Be sure to set up an Edmodo account and link to the proper class.  Ask me and I will give you our class code.  This way you get the assignments and receive alerts.  We also will have review activities linked through Edmodo (and fun vocabulary building games, too).
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