• English IV Honors    -   Syllabus   -    Fall 2014


    Instructor: Ms. Zepp                                            

    Phone: 336.703.6776                                                     
    Office Hours 3:45-4:30 Mon-Thurs (421)                               
    Location: RHS Room 421                                  
    Email: kmzepp@wsfcs.k12.nc.us                          

    English IV Honors Course Overview

    English IV Honors students continue to explore informative/expository, argumentative, and narrative contexts with a literary focus on British literature. The emphasis in English IV is on argumentation by developing research skills, which enables the student to speak and write from an informed position. The Honors designation means that this class will require a higher level of maturity from you. The pacing of the class will be more rapid than a regular level ENG IV course, the reading material will often be more challenging, and you will be asked to work independently, collaboratively, more in-depth and at a consistently high standard. The semester will be hard work, but it will be fun!

    English IV Course Objectives

    • To increase and solidify students’ knowledge of the rules and traits of good technical, research-based, and creative writing.

    • To successfully navigate and understand fiction and non-fiction, short stories, novels, plays, and poetry for literal, interpretive, personal, and critical comprehension.

    • To explore the nature of self and of humanity through close reading of texts.

    • To contribute to class discussion by both speaking and listening.

    • To move effectively through the stages of the writing process with careful attention to brainstorming, drafting, peer review, revising, editing, and publication.

    • To apply correct conventions and grammar in written work; develop and appropriately use a wide ranging vocabulary.

    • To learn and apply MLA format when researching and producing written work.

    • To prepare students for college, the workplace, and the world at large.

    Classroom Expectations and Guidelines

    ·     Only friendly, positive & supportive behavior and actions are allowed in our classroom. You are to be respectful to all classroom members.

    ·     Understand that you are accountable for your actions. Please behave like a responsible young adult. If you are asked to do or not do something by the teacher, you are expected to comply with respect.

    ·     Please cultivate responsible behavior. Keep your notebook organized, complete all assignments diligently and quietly and come to class fully prepared to participate.

    ·     Be exceptional! Do everything to the best of your ability. Strive to be creative and to push yourself. The more engaged you are, the better your grade will be in the class and the more you will get out of the course.

    ·     Cell phones are not allowed to be used or visible in our classroom unless specifically instructed otherwise. This includes using a cell phone as a music playing device.

    ·     Drinks are allowed, but need to be in a container with a lid.

    ·     Food is not allowed in our classroom. Unfortunately, if you are eating in class, you will be asked to throw your food away.

    ·     If you miss a class, it is your responsibility to see me (before or after class) to discuss makeup work assignments and time frames. Please remember that you cannot pass the class with 10 or more absences.

    ·     All classroom materials, furniture and property are to be treated with respect.  Books always go neatly back on the shelf in the proper order.

    ·     Keep your hands to yourself. Horseplay and intentionally harmful behavior are treated the same way.

    ·     We are in English class to strengthen our writing and critical thinking skills, not to practice our social skills. You are expected to keep conversations not relevant to class, outside of the classroom. Transitions between activities are to be done quickly and quietly and unless otherwise stated, you are not invited to communicate with your neighbors.

    ·     Guests in our classroom are always treated with the utmost respect. Please remain quiet during any announcements or when the phone rings.

    Beginning Class:

     You are expected to come into class quietly, take your seat before the bell rings and have with you all of the things you will need for the class period (books, notebooks, sharpened pencil).  Unless otherwise instructed, you should begin the opening activities that are on the board. Do not come to class late without a tardy pass. You may not leave the class during the first 15 minutes of class. Do not even ask.

    During Class:

      You should remain in your seat during class unless otherwise instructed. If you need to get up for a legitimate reason, you should get up quietly, complete your task and take your seat.  You will have 5 passes to use if you need to leave the classroom for any reason. These are the only 5 passes that you will get for the whole semester, so please use them wisely. You will sign out on the destination log when you leave and you may not leave the classroom during teacher instruction.

     Respectful behavior is required in our classroom at all times. Questions are always welcome, but please ask them at the appropriate time and in a respectful way. Please do not call out for any reason. Raise your hand if you have something to say or ask. Interrupting another student or the teacher is not acceptable. Additionally, you should practice close listening skills and keep your attention on the speaker. It is less likely that you will have questions about directions and assignments if you listen while the directions are given. Disruptive and off-task students will be asked to stop interrupting the classroom community/ to get to work twice. Please do not waste our time with disruptive and off-task behavior. The third warning will result in discipline.

    Ending Class:

    You are dismissed by the teacher, not by the bell. Do not stop working until you have been instructed to do so. Do not ask to leave the class 15 minutes before the bell rings. Before class can be dismissed, books must be back on the shelf, desks arranged neatly and all trash picked up off the floor. Because we are sharing our classroom with other teachers and classes, I expect everyone to be EXTRA diligent in keeping the room clean and organized.  Each student must be seated quietly to listen to announcements in order for the class to leave on time.

    Materials and Supplies

    ·     One 3 ring binder  (no smaller than one inch)

    ·     Divider tabs

    ·     1 pack of loose leaf college- ruled paper

    ·     Pencils with erasers and pens


    Your grade in this class will be composed of the 1st and 2nd 9 weeks averages and the final exam grade. You are encouraged to make use of office hours if you would like additional assistance and should utilize email as a method of communication with me when we are not in class. Missed assignments may be made up within reasonable time frames. If you fail to turn in an assignment, you are responsible for meeting with me to talk set up a time frame for completion. This should occur outside of class (i.e. break, before school, after school). Extra credit will be given in special circumstances, but not to those who have missing assignments.


    Please feel welcome to communicate with me via email or to stop by after class (just be aware that I share multiple classrooms).  I am still available to you after the school day ends because of the marvelous technology many have access to. Please do not hesitate to ask me questions regarding assignments, due dates, or other concerns via email.