• Rules: #1. Be on time.

                 #2. Be prepared.

                 #3. Be respectful.

                 #4. Be attentive.

                 #5. Be involved.

    Procedures: The procedures for my class will be as follows:

    1.     Students will arrive early, enter quietly, and make a note of whatever is on the board as the outline/plan for the day. At the sound of the bell, they should be prepared to begin the focus activity together as a class.

    2.     Students will raise their hands to be acknowledged in order to speak and will avoid interrupting the teacher or classmates when they are speaking.

    3.     Students will bring to class the commonsense materials they should expect to need: textbook, notebook, writing utensil. Other necessary materials will be provided by the teacher.

    4.     Students will participate in pair-work and group work. Individual work will be completed with integrity and best effort. Non-participation will be noted by the teacher and addressed accordingly. Grades can be affected for non-participation.

    5.     Students will turn in assignments on time, in the correct folder. No late work will be accepted unless student has been absent. Student will be responsible for missed work and will not depend on the teacher to remind him/her. Student must see the teacher on the day of return and bring something to write down missed assignments. Deadline for completion is 2 class periods after return from absence.

    6.     In the rare event that a student fails a test or quiz, it will be returned to the student so that they have the opportunity to correct it on a separate sheet of paper and return the corrections with the original quiz/test and the signature of a parent or guardian.   If everything is correct, student will receive a 70%.  If you have attempted all corrections and not everything is correct, you will receive a 69%.

    Consequences: 1st offense: I will express disappointment so that student/group is aware that they are not complying with a rule. They will be reminded to be responsible for their behavior and to correct the problem. This will serve as the first and only warning before more serious consequences.

    2nd offense: Privileges will be cancelled. This will be expressed to student/group, so that they are not surprised later.

    3rd offense: Student will be separated from group. Or group will be broken up and put into new groups.

    4th offense: Parent will be contacted.

    5th offense: Detention

Last Modified on August 18, 2014