E-mail Accounts for Students

    August 2014

    Dear Parent or Guardian:

    Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools is pleased to offer students access to Office365 for Education. Office365 is produced by Microsoft and allows students to use email, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other appli- cations. It is used by thousands of schools and universities worldwide to make collaboration tools available for students. Students will be able to send and receive email from their school addresses at school, at home, from a mobile device and anywhere they can access the Internet.

    Giving each student an email address will allow schools to better use SchoolNet and OpenClass, a statewide system of instructional tools and assessments. Office365 also makes it possible for students to work together on documents, presentations and projects via the Web. Office365 provides an online storage space for files, eliminating most needs for flash drives between home and school. This also will reduce the cost to the district to provide digital storage in the centralized datacenter.

    Access to email will enable students to communicate and collaborate with others in our school district. While our intent is to make email available to further educational objectives, parents/guardians should be warned that it is not possible to monitor every student’s email conversation. Therefore, it is important for students to accept responsibility for their behavior. Students are expected to comply with the Student Code of Conduct and Pol- icy 6161, Responsible Use of Technology, when using their school email addresses. All student email will be archived for review if necessary. Students will be made aware of proper email etiquette as well as all aspects of online digital safety.

    Your child’s computer logon and email address will both use parts of his/her first name, last name and student number:

    First 4 characters of first name + first 4 characters of last name + last 4 digits of student number.

    For example, if your child’s name is Andrew Smith and his student number is 12345678:

    Email Address: andrsmit5678@wsfcsstudents.net

    Computer Logon: andrsmit5678

    We are excited about the possibilities this provides our students. If you have any questions, please ask your child’s teacher or principal.

    WS/FCS Technology Department