• Mrs. Allen’s Laptop Contract

    ●      I understand that it is a privilege to have constant access to a laptop.

    ●      I will use my laptop as I am guided by my teacher and school staff members, which means that I will only be on websites or computer programs required for my assignment.

    ●      I understand that I am responsible for using the computer in a respectful manner.

    ●      I must follow Mount Tabor High School rules while I am using the laptop, no Facebook or other social media, inappropriate images, no charging cell phones, etc.

    ●      I will always follow internet safety rules as outlined in the District Acceptable Use Policy that I signed.

    ●      I will only use my computer unless I have permission from my classmate to use theirs.

    ●      I will use care when using the laptop.  I will not eat or drink while laptops are in use.  I will protect the laptop from being dropped or damaged.

    ●      I understand there will be consequences for improper behavior while using the laptop computer, including discipline referrals or being barred from using a laptop in Mrs. Allen’s class. 


    Non-negotiable Guidelines for Use

    1      These devices are a privilege, not a right.

    2      Handle the device carefully and respectfully. Laptops should be handled/carried with both hands. You are responsible for your device.

    3      Only use the device assigned to you.

    4      Protect your device!  Take preventative measure so it does not get damaged, scratched, bumped, or bruised!

    5      Make sure you place your laptop in your corresponding numbered location in the laptop lock box so it can charge & be kept safe.

    6      Do not eat or drink near your device.

    7      Remain on task!

    8      Listen and follow directions given by the teacher. “Click it” means close your laptop & direct your attention to your teacher.

    9      Respect everyone’s ideas and be a good listener! Allow everyone to contribute.

    10   Students will be held accountable for all other school guidelines & policies.