•  What do we do in Physical Education?

    The focus in PE I and PE II is on fitness and life-time sports. We give the Presedential Fitness Test  to each student.  We pre-test and post-test on sit-ups, pull-ups, shuttle run, mile run, and sit and reach. Each day at the beginning of class the focus is on fitness with flexibility, strength and endurance being the primary goal. The life-time sports we play are: Flag Football, Volleyball, Ultimate Frisbee, Basketball, Tennis, Pickle Ball, Badmitton, Speed Ball, and Soccer.

    How are students graded?

    Grading for physical Education is quite simple. Each student begins the quarter with a 100 average. If they dress and participate their average stays the same. However, if they do not dress there will be two points deducted from their grade and if they do not participate they will have three points deducted from their grade. Which means they have an opportunity to lose a total of five points from their grade. For example, Student "A" did not dress or participate on day two, then student "A" is down to a 95 for a grade.

    Physical Education Rules Sheet
    click here to download the P.E Rules PE Rules