• What is Life Skills?
    Life skills is a class in which all freshman must take for graduation. In this class we discuss Character Traits, Underage drinking prevention, Financial Planning, Family Life, Parenting, and CPR. This is a discussion class in which there is not a textbook that is used. Students need a three ring binder and writing utencils and an open mind for discussion. There is also a 5 hour service project which must be completed by the end of the semester.
    Grading for Life Skills
    We are on a seven point grading scale. 100-93 is an A, 92-85 is a B, 84-77 is a C, 76-70 is a D, and 69 and below is a F. In life skills they are graded on three criteria. Service project is due second half of the semester.  Classwork 30%, Notebook/Test 35%, Service Project 25%and Journals 10%. The service project must be completed or the student will automatically fail life skills.
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     Life skills
    Life Skills Project
    Every student in Life Skills must complete a 5 hour service project this semester. The students will choose a non-profit organization in which to complete their 5 hours of service. They cannot receive pay for their service. More detail is given to the students during class or click on the links above. After they complete the hours they have to write a two page paper that is typed, double-spaced, times roman numeral, and 12 font.
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