The ABC's of Kindergarten
    Mrs. White and Ms. Wilcox's Class - Room 109
    Frequently Asked Questions and Information for our Class 

    Arrival- Students may enter the room at 7:40 am to prepare for the day. Students who arrive prior to 7:40 am need to go to the cafeteria. School will be dismissed at 2:20 pm. Car riders will be walked to the car rider area by a teacher.

    Absences- If your child is absent, a note stating the reason for the absence must be brought to school as soon as possible to avoid an unexcused absence. Please include the date that your child was absent and sign the note.

    Allergies- Please report any allergies, especially if your child has food allergies and/or insect bite reactions.



    Birthdays- If you would like to send a birthday treat with your child on or near his/her birthday, please contact me.  We serve birthday treats at lunch time. Because of time, we will not be able to serve and cut cakesbrownies, etc., or scoop ice cream. Please send individual snacks (pre-cut) for the children. Some things the children love are cookies, brownies, Rice Krispi treats, mini cupcakes with light frosting, donuts, or individual ice cream cups. We will assist your child with passing out the birthday treats during lunch, or you are welcome to join your child for lunch from 10:45-11:15 am.

    Book Orders- Scholastic book orders will be sent home each month.  If you want to place an order, you may do so online, send cash, or make checks payable to Scholastic. Book orders usually arrive within 2 weeks and books make great gifts!



    Communication- Communication is important. Feel free to contact us whenever you have a question, comment, or concern. I am unable to accept phone calls during the school day. You may leave a message with the office and we will return your call as soon as we can. We check our email in the mornings, during specials, and after dismissal. My email is  vrwhite@wsfcs.k12.nc.us. You may also send a note with your child in the morning; however, we do not check bookbags each day, so your child will be responsible for turning in the note. Every Tuesday afternoon, a yellow "Tuesday Packet" will come home in your child's book bag. Inside the packet will be a blue Communication Folder from school which has school information and communications from the teachers and the student's work from the past week. You will also find a green Homework Folder with homework and directions. Review all materials in the folders, remove items that can stay home, and return items that have been requested for return. Place the blue Communication Folder back inside the yellow envelope.  SIGN the envelope and return the packet to school the NEXT DAY (Wednesday).

    Conferences- Parent Conferences are held at the end of the first quarter in October. We will send more information at that time.



    Dismissal- Dismissal is at 2:20 pm. Please do not walk to the classroom to get your child. We will walk your child to the front sidewalk area for kindergarten. 



    Email- My email is vrwhite@wsfcs.k12.nc.us. I will send emails to the class email list to remind you of upcoming events and to let you know about things happening in our class.  



    Field Trips- Information regarding upcoming Field Trips will be sent home in the Tuesday Packets.



    Gym- Please have your child wear tennis shoes on PE days.



    Homework- Homework assignments will be sent home in a green homework folder inside the Tuesday packets. Homework is due on Friday of that week. Homework is not graded but is expected to be completed. Most homework in kindergarten is meant to be done with a parent, but we do expect the STUDENT to do any writing on their own. 



     Independence- Independence builds self-esteem and self-confidence. Kindergarteners are capable of doing many things on their own, and we encourage them to do as much as they can for themselves in the classroom.  Please work on the following skills at home with your child: zipping, tying shoes, putting on coats and dressing, opening lunch containers, etc.  



    Join- Please join the PTA! By joining you are not required to volunteer, but they welcome all parents and guardians who wish to take an active role in the school. Many volunteer positions can be done from home and do not involve a lot of time. There is something for everyone! 



    Kindness- Students in our classroom are expected to treat others with kindness and respect. This is a big part of our classroom rules!



    Lunch- Our lunch time is from 10:45-11:15. You may prepay through the cafeteria manager, use the online payment system, or send money with your child.  Packed lunches from home should include healthy items, as well as child friendly containers, and packets that can be opened by the child, if possible.

    It is very important that we give the children time to adjust to school before visitors come to lunch. After the first month of school, you are welcome to come to school to eat with your child.  Please limit your lunch visits to no more than twice a month. Mrs. Baker requests that no fast food be brought to the cafeteria.  Students may sit with their parent(s) in a booth and invite ONE friend to eat with them at the booth.  Jefferson Elementary has a school-wide policy of 10 minutes of silent lunch to begin the lunch time.  The teacher will let the class and visitors know when talking is allowed.



    Meetings- Due to staff meetings, staff development trainings, committee work, supervision duties, etc., teachers are often not available to meet before or after school unless you have a scheduled appointment.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter.



    Newsletters- Class newsletters will be sent through email in an effort to save paper. Let us know if you do not have an email address, and we will provide a paper copy in your Tuesday Packet.

    Nightly Reading- Nightly reading is essential for future success. Take Home Readers will begin a few weeks after the beginning of school. Directions for how to best use the reading packets will be included. Please read nightly to your child or have your child read to you.



    Office Staff- The office staff is very helpful!!  If you need to get something to your student such as a forgotten item, the will deliver it to the classroom. They also take phone messages, contact parents in the event that their student becomes ill during the day, and will call the room to have your student meet you in the office if the student has to leave for an ppointment. 



    Parent Involvement- There are many opportunities for parent involvement.  On Tuesday, September 16, we will have a Parent Meeting prior to our Curriculum Night activities.  Details regarding this meeting will follow in the Tuesday Packet closer to that date. 



    Questions- Please feel free to email or send a note in with your child. We will do our best to respond quickly to any questions you may have.



    Reading- Read to your child daily and let your children see you reading.


    Recess- Our class will go to recess daily.  Please make sure that your child wears tennis shoes or sandals with straps each day for play.  School policy states that flip flops are not allowed.  This is to ensure the safety of your child.


    Report Cards- Report Cards are sent home after each nine weeks.



    1. Practice self-control at all times.
    2. Keep our hands and feet to ourselves.
    3. Talk quietly in the room and honor the Quiet Zone.
    4. Be kind to everyone.

      Snacks- We will have a class snack each day.  Parents are asked to provide class snacks on a rotating basis.  (Details regarding snack will follow at a later date.)  Suggestions are:  goldfish, animal crackers, cheese crackers, pretzels, etc.                                                             Specials: 11:45-12:30

      Monday:          Art

      Tuesday:         Media

      Wednesday:      Computer Lab

      Thursday:        P.E

      Friday:           Music



      Tardies- Students who arrive to school after 7:55 am are considered tardy. A parent will need to sign their student in at the front office and the child will bring the pink tardy slip to the classroom.  It is not necessary that you walk your child to the classroom unless you feel they cannot do so on their own. If your child is signed out prior to 2:20 pm, it will be recorded as an "early dismissal" tardy.

      Transportation- If your child has any changes in his/her transportation please let us know in writing or call the office and they will contact us with any changes for that day.

      Toys- No toys are to be brought to school.



      Understanding-  It is important for all of us to be understanding.  Please let us know if you have a concern as soon as you have one.  We must remember that perceptions are not always the reality. 



      Visitors- WSFCS has a policy that all guests/visitors are required to check in at the school office and wear a visitor's pass. Parent visits to the classroom must be pre-arranged with the office. It is the goal and responsibility of the school to create a safe learning environment.



      Wet and dirty clothes- Wet and dirty clothes can be uncomfortable! Please send in an extra set of clothing for this season (shirt, pants, socks, underclothes) in a large Ziploc baggie marked with your child's name.  These will be stored in our classroom in the event of an accident or spill. When the season changes, we will send home the bag for a change in the clothing.

      Walk- Children can walk to their classrooms without parent accompaniment shortly after the school year begins and the child has learned the location of their room. Your child can find our classroom easily by looking for the big, blue crayon top over the door. There are also safety patrol students and staff members in the hall to assist students, if needed



      X-tra special and eXciting- Kindergarten is such an eXciting year! We consider each child eXtra special and want to thank you for sharing them with us!



      Year- A positive attitude by parents, students, and staff makes for a great year!!



      Zzzzz's- It is SO important for your child to be rested and ready for each day. Set a bedtime and be consistent. Coming to school at 7:40 am makes for a very early wake-up call!