Bienvenue à la classe de français!
    Welcome to French class!
    Students will be active participants in class while learning and practicing their French vocabulary! Students will engage in oral practice, written communication, individual and group presentations and projects. The curriculum includes videos and songs, so from time to time we will be participating in class activities with those items as well! 
    French students of ALL levels should be prepared daily for pronunciation practice, demonstration of comprehension and knowledge of material presented in class.
    I highly suggest that students spend AT LEAST 10 minutes a day memorizing and practicing their vocabulary and grammar. Making word lists and flash cards significantly improves student memory. It has been shown that students who spend between 5 to 10 minutes studying daily do better overall!!!!

    Many students enjoy finding "French" in American TV commercials, ads and songs that they can talk about in class! (It is all around us, we just don't always realize it!) You will be amazed at how many "French" words you already know!