Each night, you can expect homework in reading and math.  The reading homework might be a reading log for self-selected reading, a reading passage or an excerpt from a science or social studies text. Comprehension questions will accompany many of the reading passages. The math homework might be pages assigned in the math textbook, a copied sheet, pages out of the student workbook, or an activity to be completed with a parent. 

    Late homework for reasons other than an excused absence cannot be accepted! 

    Parental signatures are REQUIRED in student planners every day  Please be sure that you are checking your child's homework and signing their planners to let me know that you have done so each night. 

    Grandparents, babysitters, adult siblings, and anyone else who can communicate regularly with the parent about the child’s work when the parent is unable to supervise it may sign as needed, upon the parent’s discussing this with the teacher.