•  Foundations of CC Math 2 Syllabus 

    Mr. Giron  

    School Phone : (336) 771-4500 

    Room 215 


    This course is an extension of Common Core Math 1 and will prepare students for Common Core Math 2 in the spring semester.  The topics covered in this course are as follows: 

    • Unit 1: Solve linear equations and inequalities in one variable 

    • Unit 2: Square roots, radical and rational functions 

    • Unit 3: Solve quadratics by multiple methods 

    • Unit 4: Systems of linear functions 

    • Unit 5: Exponential functions and introduction to common logarithmic function 

    • Unit 6: Graphs of nonlinear functions 

    • Unit 7: Area and perimeter of 2-dimensional figures 

    • Unit 8: Surface areas and volume of solids 

    • Unit 9: Transformations 

    • Unit 10: Pythagorean theorem, mid-segment, triangle congruence 

    • Unit 11: Special right triangles and right triangle trigonometry 

    • Unit 12: Graphing circles, unit circle introduction 

    • Unit 13: Sampling, probability, frequency tables 


    Materials (Daily):

    1.      Pencils!

    2.      Binder or notebook (Notes are important and will be the key for success)

    3.      Graphing Calculator (TI-83 and above are fine) If you cannot get access to one, the media center will allow students to check out calculators. Regular calculator will also be acceptable; however graphing calculators are more appropriate for this course.

    4.      Folders to keep all paperwork in one place. There are no books for this course; worksheets will be given often.

    Assignments/Make-up Work:

                Homework will be assigned four nights a week, Monday through Thursday and will be due the following day before the class begins. Attendance is very important for this course, as we will cover a lot of material. Make-up work is to be completed within the 2 days after the student has missed class. The student will have to ask me for the missed assignments at the end of class. The student will assume responsibility to find what notes were missed while absent. There will be a test after 2 units and quizzes regularly. All Make-up tests must be taken after school.   If you are absent the class before a test/quiz, expect to take the test/quiz on the regularly scheduled day (this means you must review on your own).  If you are absent the day of a test/quiz, expect to take the test/quiz within 5 days when you return.  IF YOU MISS CLASS DUE TO A FIELD TRIP OR PRE-ARRANGED ABSENCE, ALL HOMEWORK DUE IS EXPECTED WITHIN 2 DAYS OF YOUR RETURN.   Field trip participants ARE NOT CONSIDERED ABSENT!!!

                You will receive NO credit for any late assignment or any assignment completed in INK.   I do not accept any late papers or papers done with ink.

    Homework Policy:

    1.      Homework will be given 4 days a week, Monday through Thursday.

    2.      The student will complete in PENCIL ONLY. A zero will be given for assignments done with ink.

    1. Homework will be posted on my website:  https://www.wsfcs.k12.nc.us/Page/86430
    2. I expect every problem in each homework assignment to be given an honest attempt by you.  Each problem should have logical work shown even though you are convinced that your work or answers are wrong. Anything less than an honest attempt is considered incomplete. A zero will be given for an assignment turned in with answers only unless specified by me.
    3. Expect pop quizzes on your homework assignments as well as your notes.  I will periodically have you transfer your homework solutions or notes over to another paper for a pop quiz. Pop quizzes will be given orally or be handed out. You WILL be allowed to use your notebooks (notes and homework papers) on all Pop Quizzes only. Pop quizzes cannot be made up in the case of an absence.

    6.      You are responsible for all material discussed while you are gone on a field trip and upon return, you will have 2 days to complete all assignments due for the day that you missed. Remember you are considered PRESENT while attending a field trip.

    7.       Failure to bring any completed assignments will result in the following:

    a.       Missed 3 assignments : A talk with me

      1. Missed 5 assignments: Parent/Guardian Contact

    Grading/Grading Scale:

    40%     Tests                                                  20%     Quizzes

    15%     Homework                 15%     Classwork                              10%     Participation

    Grading Scale:

    A   93-100                   B   85-92         C   77-84         D   70-76        F 69 or below

    At least 2 homework assignments will be graded each week. The possible methods for grading homework are: completion, accuracy and/or both. Students will be working in pairs for most of the semester and will be given a group grade depending on how efficient and productive the group worked. Participation includes providing answers and opinions during class discussion and completing their class and homework. There will NOT be opportunities to retake tests or quizzes that have been taken once.

    Classroom Rules:

    1.      Be respectful to others (includes but not limited to):

    a.       Raise your hand when needing my attention

    b.      Do not speak when I am speaking

    c.       Ask for permission before leaving your seat

    d.      No electronic devices (cell phones, IPod, MP3, etc.) without my permission

    e.       Respect fellow students, NO BULLYING

    f.       No Profanity

    g.      Dress appropriately according to dress code.

    2.      I dismiss you, not the bell

    3.      Be prepared for class

    4.      Arrive to class on time

    5.      Stay focused on the task at hand. DO NOT be disruptive to other students.

    6.      Ask questions when all else fails. Attempt the problem first with an honest effort.

    Consequences: (Can vary depending on offense)

    1.      First offense – Verbal Warning and/or discussion with me after class

    2.      Second offense – Parent contact and/or meeting

    3.      Third offense – Time out

    4.      Fourth offense – D1 referral

    Extra Credit/Extra Help/Tutoring

                There will be minimal extra credit. Tutoring will be provided throughout the course at most twice a week. I will disclose the tutoring schedule on my webpage and with the students in class. These will be after school; students must make arrangements for transportation. There will be NO opportunity for tutoring during my planning period. 

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