Upon entering class please
    • Enter the classroom quietly
    • Sit in your assigned seat
    • Take out your materials needed for class such pencil, paper, homework, warm up sheet
    • Complete the warm-up activity while Mr. Pfannes checks homework and takes attendance.
    During class:
    • Keep a Positive Mental Attitude 
    • Listen to Mr. Pfannes' instructions
    • Follow all rules for safety
    • Do not distract others from learning
    • Raise your hand to ask a question 
    • Remain seated unless instructed to do otherwise
    • Complete all your work
    • Have fun and learn something new
    At the end of class:
    • Put away all materials and clean up your area
    • Write down any homework in your agenda
    • Remain in your seat until you instructed to line up
    • Line up quietly when you are called
    • Exit the room quietly and transition to your next class remaining quiet in the hall
    science class
Last Modified on October 5, 2014