Classroom Rules & Policies

  • Classroom Rules:

    1. Respect the feelings, property, and ideas of others.

    2. Come prepared for learning with materials and assignments.

    3. Keep all distractions out of the learning environment.

    4. Protect our learning time; stay on task

    5. Follow CHAMP's guidelines for all activities as well as all rules in the student handbook.


    Classroom Conduct:

    If a classroom rule is broken the student will recieve a verbal warning from the teacher, any subsequent violations of that specific rule on the same day will result in the student losing an incentive point.  Each student starts each quarter with a total of ten (10) incentive points.  Loss of incentive points will affect the students conduct grade based on the following scale for a marking period.

    > 9 incentive points = excellent

    6-8 incentive points = satisfactory

    3-5 incentive points = needs improvement 

    0-2 incentive points = unsatisfactory 

    (This means that the student will be ineligible to participate in reward field trips and may mean a trip to the office.)

    Parents will be contacted after a student has loss their fifth (5th) incentive point during a grading period.


    Grading Scale              

    90-100  A                            

    80-89 B                           

    70-79 C                                

    60-69 D                                

    59-Below F