• August 25
    Syllabus and other handouts to be signed and returned for a grade
    General Business
    August 26
    Turn in signed papers
    Learning Styles (& Link)
    One Note
    Objectives should be put in your One Note
    August 27
    Signed Papers (late 1 day)
    Complete One Note
    Career Clusters Survey and paragraphs
    Set up Edmodo acct. You will need access code
    Set up live account (must follow format given for username)/check account
    August 28
    Reminder for Signed Papers (late 2 days)
    Finish Setting up accounts from day before as needed
    Take a few minutes to finish Career Clusters
    Write down account usernames and passwords, turn in
    August 29
    Reminder for Signed papers
    Books-Let me know if you need one to sign out for home
     Introduction to the Accounting Equation
    September 1
    Labor Day----Enjoy!
    September 2
    Must have signed paperwork-see me if you have not turned yours in.
     Quick Verbal Review on the Accounting Equation
     Be able to list some assets
    The T account (Debit and Credit)
    Chapter 3
    September 3
    Continue working on the Accounting(Chapter 3)
    Handout to be completed and turned in tomorrow
    September 4
    Go over completing the Acct. Equation handout 
    Quick PowerPoint Review
    Complete Chapter 3
    September 5 (Friday)
    Read Chapter 4 beginning on Page 76 
    After reading, complete the working papers.
    September 8
    Continue with Chapter 4
    September 9
    Wrap up Chapter 4
    September 10
    Read as a class "Transactions That Affect Revenue, Expenses, and Withdrawls"
       Permanent and Temporary Accounts
    September 11
    Go over 4-6 returned work
    Go over  vocabulary
       Announce vocabulary quiz on Friday
    Handout review notes
    Go over #1 - 27 of the handout Acct. Questions
    September 12
    Vocabulary Quiz
    ID Accounts Affected by Transactions (5-2) together
    Applying the Rules of Dr & Cr to Revenue, Expense and Withdrawl Transactions
    September 15
    Complete Chapter 5
    Went over 5-5 & 5-7
    September 16
    Pop Quiz (Take in Elements)
    Go over Handout - Vocab for 1.02 Source Doc. & Double Entry Acct.
    Chapter 6, section 1
    Begin section 2
    September 17
    Complete the class portion of Chapter 6 section 2
    Complete Problem 6-4 page 154 (Independent work) -use the Excel form available-
        type the date name of work and your name in the header, then print & turn in when completed
    Announcement:  Vocab Quiz  for 1.02 & 1.03 (source doc and ethics) will be Friday unless moved to a future date
    September 18
    Check understanding with 1.02   Questions 
    Ethics in Accounting 1.03
    September 19
    Go over 1.02 Questions
    Go over 1.03 Ethics handouts
    1.03 Ethics Questions handout 
    September 22
    Go over 1.03 Questions handout
    September 23
    September 24
    Q & A for review
    Announce:  Test on Thursday (tomorrow) for unit 1.0 work covered
    Complete Problem 6-6 (first use the T account handout, then post to General Journal 
    September 25
    Test for Unit 1.0 
    Go over Terms as needed
    Begin Chapter 7 (Posting Journal Entries to Gen Ledger Accounts) 
      Read 162 and answer "What do you Think?"
      Complete  7-1 and 7-2
    September 26 
    Vocabulary Quiz 2 
    Go over 7-1 
    The Posting Process and General Ledger Acct Balances
       Write the steps
      Go over 7-2
     Section 3 
     Complete 7-3 and 7-4
     September 29
    Write the terms and definitions on page 183
    Check your understanding page 184
       Answer the questions
     Problem 7-5
    7-6 Homework 
    September 30
    Turn in 7-6 homework
    Go over preparing a Trail Balance
    Independent work: Problem 7-8   
     October 1 
    Vocab quiz on Wed 10-2 (1.02 & 1.03)
    Complete Problem 7-8
    October 2
    Go over Problem 7-8
    Handout Independent work
       "Mini Practice Set"  This is not a practice. Practice was 7-8 
       Due date Monday -10/6
       Make sure papers are printed out and turn in handwritten papers (T accounts)
     October 3
     Begin work on Project -Independent Work
    October 6
    Work on Project 
    October 7 
    Wrap up Independent work, print and turn in (40 minutes)
    Begin Chapter 8 
    Chapter 11