Each week, we will read, discuss and respond to a variety of articles from magazines, newspapers, webpages and other sources. These articles will cover many topics, and you will be challenged to read closely for understanding. We will follow this schedule: 

    Monday: Read and Annotate 15-20 minutes. During this time you should read and annotate your article. You are given 15-20 minutes so that you will have to time to read carefully, jot down questions and ideas in the margins, highlight or underline important sentences and to look up unfamiliar words. You should also write down a 2-3 sentence statement regarding the main purpose. For tips and hints on how to annotate, visit these sites:Annotation Guidelines  or  Making Annotations

    Wednesday: Discussion- 15-20 minutes. During this time you will be contributing to a class discussion on the AOW. Be prepared to pose questions, provide your analysis and opinion, respond to your classmates' statements and to clarify meaning. Hint: the more closely you read and annotate on Monday, the easier the discussion will be.

    Friday: Respond- 30 minutes. During this time you will compose a 2 page response to the AOW. This response should not be a summary, but should instead be an unique synthesis of your own thoughts and opinions with information from the article. View a student sample here: Sample AOW Response

    I will give you one paper copy of the AOW on Monday. If you are not here to get it, or lose that copy, you will be able to access the article on this page.

    Links to Past Articles: 
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    AOW Eight - Studying with Quizzes   Week Eight Prompt: Explain the "testing effect" or "retrieval practice." What information does the author of the article give to support the effectiveness of this learning technique? Include at least three examples from the text.