• Week 1
    abate (verb) to lessen in violence or intensity
    synonyms: subside, decrease
    antonyms: intensify, increase
    abet (verb) to assist or encourage, especially in wrongdoing
    synonyms: encourage, promote, incite
    antonyms: impede, dissuade, deter
    abhor (verb) to detest, loathe, hate strongly
    synonyms: despise, abominate
    antonyms: love, esteem
    acquit (verb) to find not guilty of a fault or crime
    synonyms: vindicate, absolve, exonerate
    antonyms: convict, incriminate, condemn
    acrimony (noun) harsh temper or bitter feeling
    synonyms: resentment, rancor, unkindness
    antonyms: amiability, tenderness, kindness
    adamant (adj) unyielding; firm in opinion
    synonyms: stubborn
    antonyms:amenable, flexible
    adulation (noun) excessive praise or admiration
    synonyms: flattery, adoration
    antonyms: derision, mockery
    affable (adj) friendly; courteous; agreeable in manner; easy to talk to
    synonyms: amiable, good-natured
    antonyms: disagreeable, irritable, bad-tempered
    agnostic (noun) one who believes in the existence of God is unknown and unknowable
    synonyms: skeptic; one with a critical or doubting nature
    antonyms: believer
    agrarian (adj) having to do with farms, farmers, or the use of land
    synonyms: agricultural, rural, pastoral
    antonyms: urban