• The following is a list of things that I will be checking during a Notebook Check of your Interactive Notebook (INB).  You can use this, in addition to the posted video links of each unit to help make sure your INB is up to date and ready to be graded.  Items that I will be looking for include:

    - Table of Contents (10 points)

    - Work is Neat and Organized (10 points)

    - Headings on All Pages and Pages are Numbered (5 points)

    - Effective Use of Color (5 points)

    - Notes and Work are Complete (25 points)

    - All items are glued (stapled) in correct places as reflected in Table of Contents (25 points)

    - Evidence of Following Instructions (5 points)

    - No Missing Work (even if absent) (15 points)

    TOTAL POINTS = 100

    Extra Credit (up to 5 points) will be awarded for obvious evidence of time invested, exceptional effort and quality of work, and evidence of learning.