•  Week 2

    altercation (noun)

    a heated argument

    synonyms: controversy, quarrel, contention

    antonyms: amity, harmony, agreement

    ambivalent (adj)

    being uncertain; unable to decide between two opposing points of view

    synonyms: indecisive

    antonyms: opinionated, decisive

    amicable (adj)

    friendly; peaceable

    synonyms: agreeable, amiable

    antonyms: quarrelsome, warlike

    anathema (noun)

    a greatly disliked, hated person or thing; a curse, or a person cursed

    synonyms: abomination, abhorrence

    antonyms: blessing

    apathy (noun)

    lack of interest

    synonyms: lethargy, unconcern, indifference

    antonyms: interest, zeal, fervor

    appease (verb)

    to make calm of quiet; to give in to the demands of

    synonyms: pacify, placate, allay

    antonyms: enrage, aggravate, defy

    arduous (adj)

    difficult; requiring much effort; strenuous

    synonyms: strenuous, laborious

    antonyms: facile, easy, simple

    audacity (noun)

    insolence; rude boldness

    synonyms: effrontery, presumption, impudence

    antonyms: decorum, propriety, timidness

    augment (verb)

    to enlarge; to increase in amount or itensity

    synonyms: expand, enhance, increase

    antonyms: abate, shrivel, reduce

    austere (adj)

    stern, severe, plain

    synonyms: ascetic, severe, abstemious

    antonyms: luxurious, affable, indulgent