• Week 4

    bigot (noun)

    one who is intolerant of another’s beliefs, opinions, or values

    synonyms: intolerant, prejudiced, narrow-minded

    antonyms: tolerant, liberal, open-minded

    cajole (verb)

    to persuade with false promises and flattery

    synonyms: coax, wheedle, talk into

    antonyms: dissuade, deter

    candid (adj)

    1.       Outspoken, blunt

    2.       Informal, unposed

    synonyms: straightforward, truthful, sincere

    antonyms: evasive, equivocal

    canine (adj)

    having to do with dogs
    (noun version = a dog)


    capricious (adj)

    guided by whim rather than reason, changing one’s mind suddenly

    synonym: fickle, erratic, inconstant

    antonyms: steadfast, undeviating

    castigate (verb)

    to criticize or punish for the purpose of correction

    synonyms: chastise, discipline, reprimand

    antonyms: commend, laud, praise

    caustic (adj)

    biting, burning, severe; sharp or sarcastic

    synonyms: taut, corrosive, harsh

    antonyms: mild, saccharine, gentle, easy-going

    chaos (noun)

    complete disorder

    synonyms: confusion, shambles

    antonyms: order, harmony

    charlatan (noun)

    one who pretends to have more knowledge or skill than he or she really has, especially in the field of medicine

    synonyms: quack, imposter, fraud, fake

    antonyms: none

    chastise (verb)

    to punish severely

    synonyms: punish, reprove, discipline

    antonyms: reward, comfort