• Week 5

    circumspect (adj)

    careful, watchful; attentive to all points

    synonyms: wary, judicious, prudent

    antonyms: rash, foolhardy

    circumvent (verb)

    to get around; to beat or defeat by trickery; to prevent an occurrence

    synonyms: thwart, balk, outwit

    antonyms: abet, facilitate, promote

    clandestine (adj)


    synonyms: covert, furtive, underhanded

    antonyms: forthright, open, aboveboard

    clement (adj)

    1.       Merciful, lenient

    2.       Mild, as weather

    synonyms: 1. Forbearing, benign 2. Temperate

    antonyms: none

    cliché (noun)

    a worn-out idea or overused expression

    synonyms: platitude, trite phrase

    antonyms: none

    coerce (verb)

    to compel by force, to force a person to do something against his or her will

    synonyms: compel, constrain, force

    antonyms: none

    collaborate (verb)

    1.       To work with another toward a goal

    2.       To cooperate with an enemy invader

    synonyms: 1. Cooperate 2. Abet

    antonyms: none

    comely (adj)

    attractive or handsome, pleasing to the sight

    synonyms: becoming, attractive, handsome

    antonyms: homely, repulsive, plain

    complacent (adj)

    pleased with oneself or one’s deeds

    synonyms: unconcerned, conceited, contented

    antonyms: disconteted, humble, dissatisfied

    concur (verb)

    to be of the same opinion, to agree with

    synonyms: approve, assent

    antonyms: disagree, demur, dissent